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(Maybe you deserve more than a selfie.)
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An oil painting of a gentleman and his two German Shorthaired Pointers in a field of grass.

A Gentleman and His Dogs in Virginia


Chef, outdoorsman, entrepreneur, philanthropist, working-dog trainer and legendary connector of people, there is a fascinating article about my client in the Washington Post, here

Portraits tell a story, and this one captures the nuances of my client's ease in the outdoors and relationship with his loyal dogs, Blitz and Kuno. 

I'm grateful for the brilliant talent of photographer Andy Tran of Muddy Shutter Media. The best photographers and media production marketing company in the world today. If you have not yet experienced their powerful work, hold onto your hat, you can find them here.

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Partners by Nina Gates
Oil on Linen, 36 x 48"

Come Behind the Scenes with Me.

When I'm working on a painting I take a photo at the end of the workday, wherever I happen to be, whether I'm researching, traveling or at the studio.


I keep a digital folder and drop in notes, pictures of my progress, things I see that inspire me, sometimes things I want to think about or check while I'm working.


In the end, while many of my processes are similar from painting to painting, each work comes to life in its own unique way and it's fascinating at the end to look back and see how it all came together. You may have to turn the sound indicator to "On,"


The music is Indestructible by David Buckley.

Video: Masterpiece in the Making (Click Play)

In Their Own Words...
"People pass the portrait and do a double take-it stops them in their tracks. They stand and gaze at it for a very long time. I'm usually moving a hundred miles an hour in jeans and sneakers, so they look at me, then at the portrait and back again, and just say 'Wow.' I love it! We're so happy we chose Nina to paint my portrait. She captured subtleties and nuances of my style and personality that suprised even me.
If you are on the fence, go for it, you will be thrilled..."

Thoreau said, "Could a greater miracle take place than for us to look through each other's eyes for an instant?"

We cannot literally become a dog or blowing grasses or the wind, but through imagination, as an artist I can paint a story, and the story can pass through time much like our cells record information and pass it along in our DNA. This is the beauty and power of a portrait to transcend time and place. 

When I plan a painting, I start by looking for that link- the uniqueness of the subject and the story that grounds and connects. Before I think about color, texture, line, value, shapes, and space, I think about your story. I believe that's the key to creating a timeless portrait.

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Cultivated by Nina Gates

Oil on Linen, 38 x 48

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